About Bilock


bilock – high security lockset key system

BiLock Australia offers the security conscious an innovative new look, ‘U’ shaped key that operates a 12 pin program of tumbler pins, six on either side offering diffrerent operating positions, in other words, the asymmetrical BiLock key is dual bladed to ensure high security. Bilock provides efficient master keying to suit individual requirement with ease not equalled by many other systems currently in the worldwide market. By employing this principal, security systems can be designed for easy management and convenience without having to carry too many keys. Engineered for maximum security, designed for total convenience.



  • 12-Pin Design for Maximum Security
  • Patented Australian Technology Accepted Worldwide (Dual Bladed Key)
  • Anti Pick
  • Key Duplication Protection
  • High Performance Master Keying
  • Proven Technology at Affordable Price
  • Fully Imported
  • Suitable For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications
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