About Centor

centor – sliding & folding door systems manufacturer

Centor believes in connecting people with the world outside, without compromise.

Founded in 1951 in Australia by a German-born engineer, Centor initially manufactured hardware and track for sliding doors. The business evolved as their reputation grew for producing dependable products with smooth performance.

As Centor expanded across three family generations they went on to produce market-leading hardware systems for windows and doors including a revolutionary horizontal, retractable insect screen.

The company’s expertise enabled it to develop the world’s first Integrated Doors – beautifully designed doors, screens, blinds and hardware integrated as one.

Centor’s products have earned the company a series of awards – including a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2015 for the Integrated Door.

Centor’s International Head Office and Product Design Centre is located in Brisbane, Australia, on the original site where company was founded. As a global business, Centor manufacturers and distributes from five regions around the world including the UK and USA.

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