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Parasole is a registered trademark of Parasole Holdings Pty.Ltd. (ABN 99 070 920 991) Australia, one of the leading manufacturers of architectural hardware, high security lock system and electro mechanical lock technology in Australia.

Parasole has established its brand position as a brand of professional architectural hardware and locking system due to its intimate design, outstanding quality and more importantly its value-for-money competitive pricing. Obviously, it has gained its reputation of being a choice brand of most specifiers and architects throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The Value of Parasole brand has been improved with our innovative product design principles. The proper design does not just lie in good product shape but shape but stands on finding the balance between shape and function.

With strong originality and functionality design attitude, listening to feedback from market, focusing on quality control, Parasole Australia can truly ensure its customers that its products conform to the trend of today’s architectural hardware requirements and proven security locking systems.

Parasole….the preferred Australian Brand

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